Exterior Painting

Spraying paint over timber wood — Exterior Painting in Brighton, MA
Spray Painting a deck of a home — House Painting in Brighton, MA
In order to insure lasting beauty and more importantly, protection from the elements, we address every aspect of surface preparation before we begin applying paint to the exterior of your home.

Power Washing:

Surface preparation begins with power washing. A clean sub-straight assures the adhesion of the paint.

Scraping and Sanding:

Once the surface is clean, scraping and sanding of any loose peeling paint is the next step.


Once any loose and peeling paint is gone, any exposed bare wood is primed with an oil base primer. Oil base primers are designed to penetrate the wood and seal it where a latex primer sits on the surface of the sub-straight.


Finally, caulking and sealing gaps assures that moisture does not penetrate the surface and prevents future rotting of wood and paint deterioration.